Punches and Dies

The excellence of italian punching tools

some parts of this article is taken from a italian site about punching machines (punzonatrici).

punches and diesThe width of the bridges side you can descend below the value where the pieces are not
presented special needs in terms of accuracy and finish (but always with precision and details
than those of normal punching) or when the section of perimeter disposed in the vicinity of
side of the tape has a length of less than 5 vole thickness of the material.

New line of Matrix punch holders MMX, are distinguished by an extremely high compatibility level and
considerable inexpensiveness.
3 lines of punch holders – Basic, Flash and Plus – together with a complete range of punches and dies for all
working requirements on turret punching machines (TPP).

Slug pulling during extraction phase could get several kind of problems, from the simple – not less costly – downtime to the tools damaging. In major cases, slug pulling occurs when a scrap ets in between punch and sheet metal so that next punching cycle is performed on a double thickness with imaginable consequences. For this reason and in order to avoid the problem, our dies, to be used according to specific process, are accordingly designed.

The optimal value of the passage of play that is for the minimum permissible width of the bridges may be
determined in practice with direct evidence.
Often you can reduce the step up to make impressions of cords for two shearing
following are covered without this leading to a loss in dimensional accuracy and geometric
prices veneers.
The accuracy obtainable by this process is influenced mainly by the precision and the state of
wear of the mold.
The quality of the material that is of sheet metal. The thickness of the latter, the geometric complexity of the
profile to be cut.
The tolerances that can be complied with are still the order of hundredths of a millimeter.

The roughness of the surfaces generated with the punching depends on the state of usury mold from
characteristics of the material punched by the conditions of lubrication.
In general, the roughness on the section is sheared in the minimum entry of the punch and it is growing
proceeding towards the exit.